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RE: My thoughts, Hams in general


In response to your note, which I will not reproduce to save space, I
would like to assure you that there are many folks out there who remain
silent. They do not respond to every silly flame, as this might add a
smidgen of credibility to the unsolicited opinions of a very few number
of folks.

I too use the delete key to purge the vast majority of petty responses to
overblown affronts. And the constant barrage of responses to the new
folks who have not yet figured out how to send an e-mail message with out
all the crap attached to it. After all, it never shows up ON THEIR
SCREEN, so how are they to know, or the uncivil welcome to the unknowing
soul who sends his subscribe or unsubscribe message to the wrong place.

I am constantly amazed by the sensitivity of some folks to minor
annoyances, yet those same folks have no sensitivity to people living
outside the US. 

But there is occasionally a snippet of stuff about satellites that will
show up.  Unfortunately, the chaff level keeps rising. 

Hang in there. Most of the guys wearing the white hats are just keeping
quiet, as they have nothing constructive to add. If you read this forum
long enough, you will find a goodie worth reading. Pretend it's like
looking for a new country on 20 meters.

Jerry Malin, N2HV

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