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Re: Re: My THought/HAMS In General

I seldom respond to any of the messages on this BB, but I
want you to know that I believe you are very observant.  I
can remember when Hams used to be a very tight knit
brotherhood of people concerned with Amateur Radio and its
promotion.  This was before we began lowering our standards
for the sole purpose of increasing our numbers.  Yes we
gained some good people, but we also gained a lot of garbage
in the process.  I am an extensive user of the delete key,
and seldom read any message that I cannot deduce the content
from the subject line, so I do miss some good stuff I
suppose.  My server allows me to go in and do mass deletes
(swbell.net) and this has been an extremely useful tool.
Red, your not alone!   Enough said.  I'll not see the flames
to this, so you may as well not send them.  73 to all and
have a great day. Bill, W5NI

Red Johnson wrote:

> For years I wanted to become a Ham Radio Operator and be a
> part of the world
> clique/fraternity/brotherhood/organization/whatever.  When
> I finally passed
> the first in a series of tests to become a Ham, I was
> thrilled.  No, my life
> hasn't been that dull and boring, far from it.  However,
> becoming a Ham was
> "special" to me for many personal reasons.
> Imagine finding that, even as a Technician I could enjoy
> QSOs with people all
> over this  planet of ours via the satellites.  I was
> omnipresent on every
> pass I could muster the time for as N1TNB, Red, FN34 from
> Vermont.  I was
> even advised that I was there more often than Mike, N1JEZ,
> the ultimate (to
> me) in call recognition on the "birds".
> Then, I advanced to Tech Plus and finally on to General.
> Now, I begin to see
> why a lot of Hams simply aren't any more.  The filth on 80
> meters, the
> unbelievable conduct of "operators" on 20 meters, the
> rudeness on other
> bands, all make me wonder, why did I bother?
> I believed, apparently wrongly, that Hams were a special
> class of people that
> truly appreciaed the priviliges of  Ham Radio as a
> sport/hobby/service to the
> world community.
> Now, I see this same creeping death-of-respect for each
> other in the use of
> power to walk over others on the "birds", mud slinging on
> the AMSAT-BB and
> other child-like behaviors from a world community of
> "special" people who
> frequent the "birds".  I see better behavior on the 11
> meter bands and less
> flaming/looking for a sore to pick at, on the flame nets!
> Am I the only one becoming disillusioned by this
> deterioration of respect for
> each other and each others priviliges, especially as a
> global community of
> Hams?
> I won't apologize for the bandwidth nor will I respond to
> any replies made
> publicly.  If you wish to comment, flame me, tell me I
> need to get a life or
> whatever, do it privately.  But, please, look at what is
> happening to this
> forum.  Find the last courteous message that actually
> dealt with satellites.
> Think about it.
> Don't look for me on the birds for a while, I need to get
> a Kilowatt or two
> and stacked 40 element beams first so I can be heard again
> on
> AO-27.........8-(
> Red
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