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Re: Advice Please

Hi Brian,

I am replying and sending a copy to the list in general because I see a lot
of messages being sent in this way when the user wanted his text message to
appear as you do.  They apparently compose their messages off-line and then
attach them with the MsgMaker Attach feature.

Brian Beamish wrote:
> Both were downloaded here but ended up as ZIP files within the Binary
> Directory and could not be read as bulletins when clicking  on them within
> the satellites directory.
> Please tell me how I can upload them so that when they are downloaded  they
> can be read when clicked on within the directory.

When you attach a file, you have attached it to a text file which is also
sent even though you didn't write in it.  Multiple files will appear as you
have seen because WiSP cannot code it as a type 0 file for uploading.  The
reason is that if a type 12 or 13 file is received, WiSP must decide what
to do with the multiple files.  Which one would you choose to display when
the directory listing is clicked on?  Since it is a multiple file message
it is going to be sent to the Binary directory.  If the receiving party
selects the "Don't unzip binary files" option, it will remain as a zipped
file in the binary directory.  WiSP32 users can display these messages by
clicking on the view-directory entry IF they have set their Windows 95
filetype associations such that Winzip, etc. is to be used to open zip

The way to do what you want is to use MsgMaker to open Notepad, as it does,
and then select File, Open and select the file to import into Notepad. 
That way you will have a single text file and it can be read as you wish. 
The MsgMaker Attach feature is strictly to be used to attach a second file
to the original text message.

> On another matter I am still having the odd problem with downloading files
> and decompressing them, not every files but the odd one or two, they are ZIP
> files.
> I do have PKUNZIP within both the UTILS and WISP directories.

Do you also have LHA.EXE to decompress files that have been compressed with
it?  Several people us it to compress uploads instead of PKZIP.

73, Roy

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