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Re: Im looking for help.

Hi Rafal:

Rafal Grygorowicz wrote:
> Hi evrybody, Im interested the new fucture satellite P3D,which will
> probably work with 2300Mhz downlik.
>  Im loking simple schematic of the 2300/432 or 2300/144 converter,
> based on typical transistors and elements. Iwould like to make home
> it. Also Im looking a schematic of good antenas for 2300Mhz.
>  If anybody know something about, plese give me the info.

Over the past years, we have run several 2300/435/144 converter articles
in The AMSAT Journal.  Send me your mailing address and I will be glad
forward copies of the articles to you.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor