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Re: Happy Vicksburg Day

Roland D Stiner wrote:

> My thanks to all the UNION soldiers and President Lincoln, who kept
> America united and who defeated the armies supporting Slavocracy.
> Roland Stiner

 Douglas F. Bowling wrote:

> Great message, Mike. I did 23 years in the Navy, and as I look around it
> seems many folks take all this for granted.
> I wish more of them could have looked over the fence at Guantanamo Bay,
> or visited some nations where most folks would love to fit our definition
> of poverty.

Doug Cooper wrote:

>   There is a famous quotation by a US marine at Khe Sanh: "For those
> whofought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know."

Craig Mellinger wrote:

> At the the  risk of being flamed. I will submit this to honor those
> courageous men put it all on the line to chase a dream.Craig N2MA

Although this is a day for celibration in the U.S., let us not forget
thatmany men and women, all over the free world, have fought and died,
and are still doing so today, for their freedom, as we have for ours.
Their freedom tastes every bit as sweet as ours!  Only one individual
had any negative words about this, and in doing this Jeff K. unknowingly
exercised his freedom to do so, paid for with someone else's blood.
My respect to men and women in every country, who value what they
believe in even more than their own lives.  As only a soldier can
understand, I pray for world peace.  Everyone, everywhere, enjoy
the weekend, and be safe.

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.