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AO-27/FD Lessons Learned

I had the pleasure of using my new Arrow Antenna, along with my
extremely new Downeast Microwave 70cm LNA at the Field Day exercises of
the Alford Memorial Radio Club in Snellville, GA. (18 miles east of
Atlanta) Thanks for the recommendations regarding the preamp. That
increased the signal strength on my HT from S1-S2 to S7-S8. A lot of
hams who had never heard a ham signal from space got the time of their
lives on the Sunday noon pass. (EDT). I also used my camera tripod based
on suggestions heard here, and THAT worked well.

What didn't work well was QRP. We were running 5 watts, and clearly were
getting trounced on. I hear Roy W0SL call, and also N8ULU in Michigan.
>From the relative strength of other stations, a lot of other stations
were running MUCH more power.

So is that the deal? Is the old ham guide to run the lowest power to get
the job done out the door? If so, FB! I can run 50 watts just as well as
the next guy.

Maybe we need to revisit this power issue and think about experimenting
with QRP passes, just to see what's really required.

Comments to the group would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI