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Field Day Photos

Greetings to all Field Participants:

Just a reminder to send any Field Day results, photos, and write-up to
Andy MacAllister, W5ACM (w5acm@amsat.org). Speaking for Andy (and w/o
coordinating with him), he will need your write-up no later than
01AUG98. Andy will assemble the results that we will run in an article
in the Sep/Oct issue of The AMSAT Journal that should be in your mailbox
by 01OCT98.  We will also include a table on the scoring results of each
FD station.

Also, if you plan to send a digital photo, please make sure that it is a
quality photo that is saved as a .tif file. Your AMSAT editors are
slowly learning that files in .jpg and .gif format are great for the WWW
but don't print well in the Journal.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor
W5XX Field Day Station, Vicksburg, MS