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Re: Mir question

> A question to those who know more than I:
> Understanding that Mir is 'worn out', but still having lots of
> expensive gear on board (esp. considering the freight charges),
> wouldn't it make more sense to boost it to a high orbit, then after
> a new space station is built, ferry the gear to the new station?  It
> seems a shame to let all that mass go to waste

>From what I understand...

The Mir's equipment is old, outdated, and incompatible with what 
theyre putting into the ISS.

Also, the Mir and ISS will be on the same orbital angle (51.6608 
degrees) but will be at different altitudes above the earth and would 
not be able to "join up" or tranfer stuff to and fro.

Of course, the Russian Space Agency can barely afford to properly 
burn the station up, let alone haul merchandise around the world...  

Although I'll probably cry when it happens, looks like the HAM 
station will be burning up with the Mir.

Gregory S. Williams