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Re: Trinana update

Mark D. Johns, K0MDJ, wrote:

>A while back, Vice President Al Gore publically proposed the construction and
>launch of a sun-synchronous satellite that would beam back a constant, 24-hour
>real-time HDTV image of the earth.  NASA invited public comments on the
>proposal.  Those who commented via e-mail received the message below today. 

>> Today, July 1, a Commerce Business Daily notice has been posted
>> (http://nais.nasa.gov/EPS/HQ/date.html#AO-98-OES-02) declaring NASA's
>> intent to release an Annoucement of Opportunity on or about July 10, with
>> proposals due within 45 days of the AO release.  The AO solicits proposals
>> for Earth remote sensing science investiations from L1, with a minimum
>> science requirement to provide the HDTV-quality, full disk image of the
>> Earth in near real-time.

Phase 3D carries a nice camera. It doesn't fly in an L1 halo orbit, so it
wouldn't have 100% continuous coverage, but it would have a nice view of
the Earth from its Molynia orbit for many hours at a time. And it could
be ready for launch in a couple of months, at no cost to the government
except for launch vehicle integration and testing. Ground station equipment
would be extremely simple, and Amsat already has a long history of student
involvement. Perhaps we should propose it to NASA and V.P. Gore as an 
alternative mission?

Dan Schultz N8FGV