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Re: sorry

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998 23:20:58 -0400, craigmel@garden.net wrote:

>gregwycoff wrote:
>> hay people,
>> I am sorry all the trouble that a little photo made, I just got cought up
>> in the field day fun and wanted to share it. if I had known it was going to
>> creat another flame war I would have never posted it. please give it a
>> rest. ( I am) how? by unsubscribing to the amsats BBS.

>Greg I agree,give in to those people who for some reson feel it is their
>to be a busy body by constantly finding something to bitch
>about,although in this instance you probably realized right away that
>you madea boo-boo.So go ahead and quit.You will be the one to miss all
>the good stuff and some not so good stuff that 
>comes accross on the BBS

When people run off others off the mailing list, it is the people who
read the mailing list that lose. I thought it was generous of Greg to
share his field day picture with us. Maybe someone will start another
mailing list for people to post pictures and other Amsat related
binaries to.
"Great spirits often meet violent opposition 
 from mediocre minds"    -- Albert Einstein