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Re: anybody home???

Lighten up.  Texas may be next to Oklahoma, but it is a minimum
of a 6 hour drive to get there from here.  What would you have
people do???  Surely you don't believe that somewhere out
there is an OK station snickering that he won't give up the contact.
Be glad to give him a Texas when I get it together.  New Mexico
is only 5 blocks away, I'll setup there if someone needs it.  But
6 hours is just too much.  He needs to just keep trying.
Anybody wanna drive to Oklahoma this weekend to make a

ve6itv wrote:

> Hi, i posted a message to see if any operator in Oklahoma could get on
> AO-10 and help pa3fwp "Steve" get the last state he needs for the W.A.S.

> and we can't
> even make contact with each other on the satellite we have?. Come on
> guys wake up. how about sending an e-mail to Steve and making a sked?.
> 73 de Scott ve6itv
> --

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.