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anybody home???

Hi, i posted a message to see if any operator in Oklahoma could get on
AO-10 and help pa3fwp "Steve" get the last state he needs for the W.A.S.
award, i heard him calling and calling from 16:30 till 22:20utc but
"nobody home". Myself and a few others got back to him but not the state
he requires... Funny thing Steve is not only a ham, but works at ESA yes
European Space Agency in the Netherlands, you would think that after the
postponment of the P3D launch, we would like to keep our chins up, here
is a guy like the rest of us would love to see P3D launched and we can't
even make contact with each other on the satellite we have?. Come on
guys wake up. We have a super bunch of satellite operators out there,
how about sending an e-mail to Steve and making a sked?.
73 de Scott ve6itv   
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