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Re: S/W clock problem

 Good morning Sig. I thank everyone for the suggestions but no cigar.
Here's what I 
got for replies.

What APRS program, DOS? APRSPLUS is a windows 32 bit ap.

Use UO-22 to set time. The time slippage isn't consistent. System
normally gains time at the rate of about 5 seconds a day. When problem
occurs system loses (worst case) 30 minutes in a 4 hour period, yet
appears to be functioning normally. When problem occurs UO-22 is LOS, so
sat time isn't available.

 Update time from the internet. Computer doesn't have a modem, using
another computer for internet access.

That's what I got so far. The computer is a pentium 200mmx with 48 meg of
ram running 98 (ex 95). Problem occurred in last machine also, a 166
pentium(different motherboard). So I still need a TSR that will check the
RTC-bios-s/w time. Or I could link the computer to my other computer to
get the time of the internet. But that would mean leaving two computers
on.  Right now I'm running WiSP alone to see if problem occurs. I think
the problem is with the two programs running along side each other
though. Will keep the SIG informed of anything that I find.

73 Jeff kb2wqm  

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