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On 01-Jul-98 Steam wrote:
> I personally enjoyed the photo very much, thank you . 
> I thought it was very much what this list is about. 
> The file is 186k. At 28.8 (the SLOWEST anyone should be
> currently at,) the thing would only take 15 or 20 seconds over
> a busy connection.

   Not even close.  Large numbers of people in the world have phone connections
that are barely usable at 9.6K, much less 28.8K.

   As for the time - a 28.8K connection typically provides about 2.5Kb/second
throughput.  This, of course, translates into about 75 seconds to download the
file under ideal conditions for some people.  Now just imagine how long it will
take if everyone decides that it will be a good idea to upload binaries to a
discussion list.

   There IS a reason for the long-standing internet convention that discussion
groups are JUST for discussion, and that only pointers to files should be
posted - not the files themselves.

- Rich
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