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Re: Tape Recorders

A simple source of video to maintain symc on a vcr.  Tune it to any channrl
known to bbe on-air 24 hrs/day.  Then simply "plug in" external audio to rear
liine-in jack.  

Most, tho not all home VCR's auto switch to line in for "audio" and "video"
separately when the line-in jacks are individually activated.  If you have
onwe rthat requires that you manually switch to "aux" or "AV In" then you
wwill require an external "Sync" source.  Sigma makes a good "under $200" Sync
generator that puts out both black-burst and SMPTE color bars.   

Before we moved to our currenrt "all digital" location, I used those Sigma
generators in remote locations not served by the central house sync generator
system -- mainly to "lock" a Sony 2000 Betacan based edit system and a pair of
'cuts only" edit suites used by KTTV news and the old "PM Magazine."

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF

In a message dated 98-07-01 04:46:17 EDT, you write:

<< I have had very good results by using a vcr to record the aiduo. The tape
 speed and stability are far superior to any audio units available. Note that
 depending on the vcr, you will probably have to apply a video signal of some
 sort for the vcr to be able synch. Any good video source will do, as long as
 there is no visible noise.