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Mike, some of us dont have that option. Outback Australia for instance is
stuck with 9600 on a line that holds up for 8 or ten minutes at best. Then
you gotta reconnect. All this at $7 an hour the cheapest! In fact the
actual thruput due to resends and other overheads is more like about 4800.
Don't assume that everone has access to the technology you do. It is an
ill-informed assumption at best.

TIP. for those using Eudora Lite set the maximum file size to 10k or so.

Tools, Options, Checking mail, Skip messages over....

At 20:05 30/06/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>I personally enjoyed the photo very much, thank you . 
>I thought it was very much what this list is about. 
>The file is 186k. At 28.8 (the SLOWEST anyone should be
>currently at,) the thing would only take 15 or 20 seconds over
>a busy connection.

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