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Re: sorry

Dear Greg,

I am truly sorry if my you interpreted my posting as a flame. It was my sincere
intent to head any such flame war "off at the pass" by suggesting that although
we (as Amsat-bb users) have some  standards (of a sort),  these "best
practices" are not clearly stated anywhere where subscribers to the list can
read them. The only way a poster finds out that her/she has violated one of
these unwritten standards is when they receive a public thrashing after making
what some consider to be a gaffe. Not a very fun way to find out the rules.
Sort of like visiting a new country where there don't seem to be any traffic
laws until you unintentionally violate one and then get shot. A driver's
handbook is a much more civil way to deal with things.

This is an enjoyable mailing list with some very interesting and knowledgeable
people and I'd be disappointed if I (or others) unintentionally chased you off.
Sometimes, what is intended as an intelligent dialogue (my intent) comes across
as a bashing (not my intent). Perhaps this is just one of the limitations of
written communication that Laura Halliday warns of in her recent posting. In a
face-to-face conversation, I would have more clearly communicated my thoughts
and I it would have been apparent from my tone of voice and body language that
I wasn't trying to tell anybody off.

Please reconsider your signing off the listserv.


Bob Houghton

gregwycoff wrote:

> hay people,
> I am sorry all the trouble that a little photo made, I just got cought up
> in the field day fun and wanted to share it. if I had known it was going to
> creat another flame war I would have never posted it. please give it a
> rest. ( I am) how? by unsubscribing to the amsat-bb. 73's and best wishes
> de N0ZHE