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Re: Windows98/Wisp inquiry

kb2wqm@juno.com wrote:

> What I need is a way to reset the S/W clock without rebooting the system. A
> that would reset the s/w clock every xx minute would be great. I have
> APRS and LUX-LOG running also, but the problem appears to be WiSP32 when
> the rest of the S/W is also running. As the problem doesn't happen when
> WiSP is shutdown.  Any suggestion's would be appreciated.

 Suggestion #1 -- Set WiSP-32 to update the time from ONE of the 9600 bps
satellites.  These aren't to the second, but a heck of a lot closer than 20
minutes! (UO-22's clock is closest to right).
 Suggestion #2 -- I downloaded a little freeware program called "TimeRC" from
http:www.windows95.com    It goes through your PPP connection to hit a time
standard and reset the hardware clock.  I assume it updates the system clock,
too, but don't know for sure.
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