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Bob Houghton (KC6LVG) writes:

> A second time because I figured that it
> would spawn another flame war on this reflector.

Certainly NOT my intention although the one negative reply I got said:

> If you can not afford to run a computer then sell it!

I'll not say who it was; like I said - no flame wars. But I feel this sort
of response is out of character with most of the folks on the -bb ... we
are usually a considerate bunch - but it takes all sorts etc.

Bob goes on:

> Here's a thought:
> How about an Amsat-BB FAQ that people could look at before posting. That
> way people could find out what is considered okay here and what is not a
> good idea. (Of course this would require that we reach some consensus or
> that the list moderator set the rules) Since etiquette varies from one
> listserv to another, seems like this would be a positive way to help
> people get started. It would be even better (snip) if the FAQ (or list
> rules or whatever) was automatically sent to new users when I sign on to
> the list.

This has got to be a hard job but it would be useful. People join and leave
the -bb daily so keeping up with the etiquette can never be guaranteed.

Mr Listserv may have something to say about it too (wry grin). Paul,
comments please.

Now Amsat-UK do a book called (blatant plug) "The Guide to Oscar Operating"
and I am the author. I plan to rewrite this book sometime before Christmas
(maybe sooner, I was working on the Amsat-UK P3D book) and had been thinking
about a "guide to best practice" for the satellites (e.g. whether to change
tx or just rx frequency for doppler; whether non-ascii text files are ok
in bulletins to ALL on a digisat; etc etc). Something similar for the -BB
would be equally useful in the book with the rise of internet usage by
satellite operators.

I had planned to poll the -bb closer to the time I got down to the book
but (deep breath) theres no time like the present especially as we need
something to shout about now that P3D's back in the garage.

So ..... If folks would like to send me "best practice" stuff (both for 
satellite usage *and* amsat-bb etiquette) I will (grits teeth) gladly put 
it all together and replay it to the -bb; we can then maybe come to some 
accord (no, never consensus) on both sets of advice.

No need to send me personal e-mails; send to the -bb with a title saying
something like "best practice" or FAQ or something similar and I'll pick
it up - that way folks can comment on other peoples suggestions (take our
collective minds off P3D for a while).

Now where did I put that shovel ...

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188