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Re: Windows98/Wisp inquiry

Jeff Wrote:-

> > What I
> > need is a way to reset the S/W clock without rebooting the system. A TSR
> > that would reset the s/w clock every xx minute would be great. I have
> > APRS and LUX-LOG running also, but the problem appears to be WiSP32 when
> > the rest of the S/W is also running. As the problem doesn't happen when
> > WiSP is shutdown.  Any suggestion's would be appreciated.

There are several programs which will advance or retard your computer by X
minutes per day, however the simplest means of re-setting the time ( that I
use) is to go to START - Programs - DOS - then type "time" <enter> put in the
new (correct) time, which I do listening to WWV
then type "EXIT" <enter> and you are back running with the correct time and no
on my machine this is necessary about every three or four days unless I get
UO-22 to reset the time every pass
73 de Robin Haighton VE3FRH