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Re: Field Day 1998 was Great!

Aloha -

FD '98 was a kick - we were set up on the North Shore of Oahu, in sight of
Waimea Bay and about 100 meters from the waves. Friday evening the Green
Sea Turtles played in the surf just off the site and earlier in the day a
pod of dolphins went by just off shore.

A bit of a drizzle had me cowering under a tarp occasionally, but fun was
had by all.

Most fun for me is putting someone on a satellite for the first time.
Getting the headphones on, and watching them and listening to them make a
call is great fun.

Saturday was loads of fun, but the strain of pulling out calls from the
AO10) fades, people calling CQ through the peaks and saying "and listening"
just as the fade starts.... I got the impression that people were not
listening to themselves, as I'd try to call as they were calling CQ, and
they would carry on... hmmm - more training/more practice/more education...

Sunday morning was the most instructional in terms of my appreciation for
what we have and don't have...

AO10 popped over the Hawaii Horizon at an absurdly early time in the
morning.. I turned the generator on, the rig, a little dewey, was warmed up
... at AOS, Beautiful signals coming back down, so much so that I had to
Turn Down the Power.... Still, low noise floor, no fades, great signals.

As it moved to cover more and more of the North American mainland, stations
came blasting in, the overall noise level went up, and finally, my 100W /
50 feet of RG8 and Cushcraft AOP was barely making it into the satellite...
while some stations on the bird were S5 to S7....  Hmmmm, makes you think.

Granted, some of that may have to do with spacecraft orientation (but I
doubt it), However I suspect people of Killer TX Antennas and/or Killer
and -  I suspect this is associated with problems in their downlink...
I could hear them, I could hear me, and they couldn't hear me.... Sounds
like increasing power to compensate for a poor downlink.

Still, loads of fun, and we worked 21 states and 3 provinces - one new
state for me ( RI - worked once for FD and once for myself :-) ) [now
missing WY, OK, AR, MN (need card from MN), KY]

As long as people locally weren't using their 2M HTs/Mobiles :-) life on
the satellites was good. (one group of people borrowed my 2M SWR bridge and
tuned the glass mount antenna about 40 feet from the antenna... swamping
the pre-amp and front end)

I made one AO27 contact (with KH6OS), and heard 2 other Hawaii stations,
one spent the time saying  Test 123 321 identified and never came back to a
call... hmmmm nice signal too!!!

If you contacted AH6PB and need a QSL for BL01 or Hawaii, you can send it
to me - NH6YK - direct or via the buro - and I'll get some cards made up
and sent out.

73 and aloha - ted - nh6yk - operating AH6PB at Police Beach.

Andrew MacAllister <AMACALLI@danielind.com> noted:

>Field Day 1998 is now history, and for the
>hamsat enthusiast, it was Great!  A-O-10
>worked amazingly well.
>greeting messages, and A-O-27 was VERY entertaining...