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Re: Windows98/Wisp inquiry

Hi Jeff,

kb2wqm@juno.com wrote:
> Good morning SIG. I have been running WiSP32, KCT, and  Windows 98 since
> Friday the 26. I have no new problems. I still have a problem with my S/W
> time slipping every couple of days or so. I see up to a 20 minute
> difference, not good for sat work!  I have to bring  Windows down and
> up, then the clock will reset and the hardware and software clock will
> match. I thought 98 might have fixed this problem, but it didn't.

This problem must be unique to your setup there, as it has not been
reported to me by anyone else.  The clock here keeps almost perfect time
and I only reset it a few seconds every week using an update from the
Internet with a program called AtomicTime.  WiSP32 runs here 17 hours a day
along with the FBB BBS system.  While these are running I can use Word
Perfect and even Netscape.  All of these running at the same time and no

I have heard of some software programs that caused the clock to run slow,
but these were in the older DOS versions.  I don't think that WiSP is the
culprit here.

> What I
> need is a way to reset the S/W clock without rebooting the system. A TSR
> that would reset the s/w clock every xx minute would be great. I have
> APRS and LUX-LOG running also, but the problem appears to be WiSP32 when
> the rest of the S/W is also running. As the problem doesn't happen when
> WiSP is shutdown.  Any suggestion's would be appreciated.

Does the clock run OK when the other software is shut down and WiSP is
running?  How much RAM do you have and have you ever run the Resource Meter
or the System Monitor while the problem was present?  What versions of the
WiSP modules are you running.

73, Roy

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