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Re: Windows98/Wisp inquiry

Good morning SIG. I have been running WiSP32, KCT, and  Windows 98 since
Friday the 26. I have no new problems. I still have a problem with my S/W
time slipping every couple of days or so. I see up to a 20 minute
difference, not good for sat work!  I have to bring  Windows down and 
up, then the clock will reset and the hardware and software clock will
match. I thought 98 might have fixed this problem, but it didn't. What I
need is a way to reset the S/W clock without rebooting the system. A TSR
that would reset the s/w clock every xx minute would be great. I have
APRS and LUX-LOG running also, but the problem appears to be WiSP32 when
the rest of the S/W is also running. As the problem doesn't happen when
WiSP is shutdown.  Any suggestion's would be appreciated. 

73 Jeff kb2wqm
On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 23:44:02 +0000 Roy Welch <rdwelch@swbell.net> writes:
>Hi guys,
>I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is running WiSP32 and
>Windows 98 with the KCT.
>Thanks in advance.
>73, Roy
>Internet: w0sl@amsat.org
>Home Page: http://home.swbell.net/rdwelch

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