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antenna deals

Hey Guys,

I found a web site while cruising the net a few weeks ago
looking for some satellite antenna deals and ran across a
site at "http://www.radiodan.com/hamindex.htm"  with some
great deals on amateur radio antennas.

This is not an advertisement and I have no connection with
that web site, but I did purchase an M2 2MCP22 at a price
I could not touch anywhere for being brand new in the box.
It worked great for Field Day!

Evidently, this guy purchased stock from another business
at a good price and passes a 25-30% savings on to the
end user.

I am happy with my purchase.  The only trouble I had was
that the last boom section was drilled incorrectly and put
the last director off by 90 degrees.  My hand held drill fixed 
that problem very quickly.

Anyhow, I just wanted to pass this great information along to
help anybody looking for a new antenna, because the supply
was limited since it was a buy out deal.

73's de Tim - N8DEU