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Amsat-UK Colloquium: Program

ASCII version
Updates can be seen on the Colloquium web page www.uk.amsat.org

                     Amsat-UK 13th Annual Colloquium
       31st July to 2nd August 1998 at The University of Surrey

                   Provisional Program (as of 25 June)

Friday 31st July:

0745-0900 Breakfast (for overnight arrivals and ISS Conference delegates), 
          Hall Restaurant
0930-1100 Arrivals & Registration  (+ video: P3D Laboratory)
1030-1100 Coffee

1100-1115 Opening points; Fred Southwell G6ZRU, Hon Secretary, Amsat-UK
1115-1130 Welcome Address. Official opening by Martin Sweeting OBE G3YJO, 
          Professor of Satellite Engineering UoS, Chairman of Amsat-UK

Session 1 - Chairman: R J C Broadbent MBE G3AAJ
1130-1200 What's Next in Amateur Radio Satellites; Bill Tynan, W3XO, 
                                                   President of Amsat-NA
1200-1230 Sunsat; Hans van de Groenendaal, ZS5AKV, IARU
1230-1300 TM-Sat Launch and Commissioning; Chris Jackson, G7UPN, SSTL
1300-1400 Lunch, Hall Restaurant

Session 2 - Chairman: Chris Jackson, G7UPN; UoS Groundstation 
                                            Operations Manager
1400-1420 Resistojet Propulsion Systems for Small Satellite Applications; 
          Tim Lawrence, UoS
1420-1440 An Investigation of the Application of Turbo Codes for Low Earth 
          Orbit Microsatellite Communications; Yusep Rosmansyah, UoS
1440-1500 A New Method for Determining the Time of Closest Approach to Nadir 
          for Ground Targets Observed from a Satellite in Low Earth 
          Sun-Synchronous Orbit; Yan Mai, UoS
1500-1530 Future SAREX Plans; Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, Amsat-NA VP 
                                                   Manned Space Program
1530-1600 Tea

Session 3 - Chairman: Neville Bean G8NOB, Principal Engineer, SSTL
1600-1620 Topside Ionospheric Sounding Micro-satellite; Mei Lee Quah, UoS
1620-1640 Software Demodulation Using the DSP'C31 Digital Signal Processing 
          Payload; Yee Hong Tan, UoS
1640-1700 Class F High Efficient Power Amplifier Design for Microsatellite 
          Radar Altimeter Payloads; Yuanxing Zheng, UoS
1700-1730 Satellites in Education, The Riverside Applied Learning Center
          Young Astronauts Fair in Fort Worth, Texas; Keith D Pugh, W5IU, 
                                                Amsat-NA VP Operations
1800-1915 Lakeside Barbecue (indoors if raining).

Session 4 - Chairman: Dennis Kitchen G0FCL (Amsat-UK)
1930-2000 Microwave subject (TBA); RSGB Microwave Committee 
                                   followed by uWave workshop (outside)
2000-2030 Software Radios; Ed Harrington, W1VF 
2030-2100 Proposal for Resources (to overcome escalating price of OSCARs); 
          Peleg Lapid, 4X1GP 
2100->>> Social gatherings; Pub Quiz (2130 start)

Saturday 1st August:
(Microwave testing will be available throughout the day)

0745-0900 Breakfast, Hall Restaurant

Session 1 - Chairman: Richard  Limebear G3RWL (Amsat-UK)
0945-1000 Opening Address; Ian Kyle, GI8AYZ, President of RSGB
1000-1100 G3CDK Memorial Lecture: Astronaut presentation. Don Thomas, KC5FVF
1100-1130 Coffee

Session 2 - Chairman: R J C Broadbent MBE G3AAJ
1130-1300 Phase-3D Subjects; Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, Werner Hass, DJ5KQ, 
          Amsat-DL; Freddy de Guchteneire, ON6UG; Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV 
          (maybe scheduling debate too)
1300-1400 Lunch, Hall Restaurant

Session 3 - Chairman: Fred Southwell G6ZRU  (Amsat-UK)
1400-1430 Mast-mounted Unit for 23cm; Ib Christoffersen, OZ1MY 
1430-1500 Microsat Attitude Determination Experiment; Paolo Pitacco, IW3QBN 
1500-1530 No-Tune SSB/CW Transceiver for 10 GHz; Matjaz Vidmar, S53MV 
1530-1600 Tea

Session 4 - Chairman: Ken Eaton GW1FKY (Amsat-UK)
1600-1630 Automatic Doppler Correction for Analogue Transponders; 
          Graham Ratcliff, VK5AGR
1630-1700 The Experimental IHU-2 aboard Phase-3D; James Miller, G3RUH
1700-1730 Russian Retrograde Launches; Geoff Perry MBE

1830 for 1900  Buffet Dinner and redistribution of space (& shack) debris. 
               Chancellors Restaurant

Sunday 2nd August:

0745-0900 Breakfast, Hall Restaurant

Session 1 - Chairman: Ray Soifer W2RS, Amsat-NA VP International Affairs
0930-1100 IARU International Forum; Hans van de Groenendaal, ZS5AKV, IARU 
          Satellite Adviser and Graham Ratcliff, VK5AGR, IARU Satellite 
          Frequency Co-ordinator
1130-1200 Coffee

Session 2 - Chairman: Barry Sankey G7RWY (Amsat-UK)	   	
1130-1200 Techsat 1B Overview and Report; Shlomo Menuhin, 4X1AS 
1200-1230 International Space Station, Presentation & Forum; 
          Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, Amsat-NA
1230-1300 Arizona State University ASUSat-1 Overview; 
          Assi Friedman, 4X1KX/KK7KX
1300-1400 Lunch, Hall Restaurant

Session 3 - Chairman: G3YJO (Amsat-UK)
1400-1430 Young Amateur of the Year; Closing Session

1430-1530 Amsat-UK Annual General Meeting 
          (non-members are welcome to attend but can not vote)

1530-1600 Tea (for folks who haven't gone home)

1630: Departure of mysterious evening excursion (for overnight guests); 
      Pub Dinner; return late

Looks like another good year - G3RWL

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
program organiser
FOC # 1188