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Help with repair of yaesu azimuth rotator.

Gents I need your help. I put up a Yaesu az- el set  up with the model
500 dual control box.The color code from the control box to the azel
were checked to make sure they were 
all consistent and they all checked out.The elevation control works
fine. However the azimuth didn't work.My bro-in-law is the technical
whiz.He checked some parts and came to the conclusion the problem is in
the az rotater.So we took the unit out of the
tower and will work on it tomorrow afternon.Does anybody have a copy
ofthe schematic they coould fax to me or better yet make some
suggestions as to where to start to look for the defectuve part that has
to be replaced.If you are home all day leave me a phone number I can
call you on.Craig N2MNA