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Trakbox problems Pse help!


I'm just starting on pacsat's, but even it looks like 
everything is proper connected and configured, I'm having a problem:
when Wisp ask Trakbox to aim the rotators, ocasionally Trakbox
doesn't seem to reply and the "The rotator has timed out" message show
It ussually happens after a couple sat pass's.
If then I use a terminal program and start tracking any bird,
it works normally.
Also, but no so frequently, Trakbox set a wrong freq on the rig.
Like main vfo: 435000  sub vfo: OFF 

Could one thing be connected to the other???
Is it a configuration, a hardware or a comunication problem???

Any help will be much apreciated!
Many thanks in advance!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. I'm using a 386SX/33MHz, Windows 3.11, Wisp (last release for 3.11)
     Trakbox 3.40 and a Kenwood TS-790A (directly conected to trakbox)