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Re: Colloquium booking form on web

At 01:59 AM 6/28/98 +0200, Peter Guelzow wrote:
>I have tried  http://www.uk.amsat.org  but it doesn't work from

You'll probably find that it works sometimes and doesn't work others.
At the moment the backup nameserver for the amsat.org domain
doesn't seem to know about www.uk.amsat.org, but the main
nameserver does.  So if you're lucky you'll query the nameserver
that works.  I'll look into having this fixed ASAP.

>PS: I also tried to use the link to AMSAT-UK from www.amsat.org link page.

That's the same thing, it's still a name lookup and the same nameservers
have to give you the right answer.

In the meantime, as a TEMPORARY measure, you can use the numeric
address in place of www.uk.amsat.org.  Please don't put
this in any links (because it might change without notice), but you can
type it in.

73  -Paul