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Receiver desense problem

My 146 Mhz transmitter at 5 watts or more is heard in my 435 receiver while
accessing the satellites. Although I can hear my downlink the sound is
distorted and in CW follows the keyed rf.  This only happens when using a
preamp which I need with the IC-821and KLM 18 el beam.  My transmit antenna
is a homebrewed 4 element quad, both separated by about 5 ft on a PVC boom
and operating in horizontal polarization.  If I mount my KLM antenna in the
X configuration would it make a difference?  The quad is tuned to 146Mhz
and the SWR is flat.  Are filters commonly used to get around the problem? 
If so can anyone recommend one that worked for them?

Thanks in advance

George, W2CID