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RE: 9600 PACSAT contacts count?


Packet Contacts via the satellites DO NOT count as digital points
in the ARRL Field Day.  In fact, they count for nothing except getting
the 100 points for the bonus.  I presented this question to the ARRL
contest manager and got the following response from Billy Lunt at
the ARRL:


You can not use a satellite for packet contacts (digital mode), but yes
you can use packet for your satellite bonus points contacts.

Billy Lunt, KR1R
Contest Manager, ARRL


So, you can use packet to get the bonus points, but you cannot
use packet for digital points in the ARRL Field Day competition.

However, the AMSAT Field Day rules is geared toward satellite
operation, so you can get 3 points for those digital packets in the
AMSAT Field Day competition.

73's de Tim - N8DEU

PS: We will be active live from Huntsville Alabama at the Motorola
UDS park from K4BFT (the Big Fat Turkey).  Look for you on AO-10,
RS-12, RS-15, FO-20, FO-29, AO-16, LO-19, UO-22, KO-23, KO-25,
and AO-27.  There are many satellite in space that will keep us busy
for the 24 hour duration.  There will not be a dull moment at the satellite
station this year.  Let's challenge our HF Field Day station operators
to see who can snag the real DX this Field Day.

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Subj:  Re: 9600 PACSAT contacts count?
Date: 98-06-24 10:18:46 EDT
From: TomMcD@ix.netcom.com (Thomas McDaniel)
Sender: owner-amsat-bb@AMSAT.org
To: kd4dla@AMSAT.org
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Hi James,

Yes, they do count!! Get yourself over to the AMSAT web page for the rules:

AMSAT gives you 3 points for each contact while ARRL only counts 2 points --
but they still count.  You are supposed to upload a greetings message to ALL
with the subject being Field Day Greetings with your class and section in
the body.  Your upload counts as a message and  you download as many other
greetings messages as possible -- they must be to ALL according to the AMSAT

Hope to see you on the birds!!  :-)

73  Tom  n0ntx

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From: James Clay French KD4DLA <kd4dla@AMSAT.org>
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Date: Tuesday, June 23, 1998 11:57 AM
Subject: 9600 PACSAT contacts count?

>Just wondering if 9600 PACSAT message contacts count for points for the
>ARRL Field Day?
>All I am panning on doing is the 9600 birds which is what I had luck
>with last year, my first FD and first 9600 contacts on the birds (so I
>got lucky...<VBVEG>) :)
>Can anyone tell me before I go through the time of setting it up at the
>club FD site?
>James KD4DLA