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RE: QSL Sputnik e-mail address

Hello Ed

I received a nice RS-17 QSL diploma from FR5KJ about one month ago.
I sent one SASE, 2 IRC and my report to  the following address:

Radio Club FR5KJ
103 rue de la Republique
97489 Saint Denis Cedex
Ile de la Reunion

Please note that if you heard some BIP BIP  last October, it was NOT
RS-17, because SPUTNIK Jr was launched the 3rd of november 97.

Try http://www.oceanes.fr/~fr5fc/spoutnik.html to get some QSL news.

73 de Jean-Louis F6AGR

Hi Gang:

Back in Oct 97 I heard the Sputnik and in January 98 I sent SASE to Sergej Samburo and FR5KJ as of this date I have not gotten a QSL card. Has anybody received a QSL ??? If so what is the e-mail address for the two places so I can query them to see if they received my SASE, IRC and QSL card??
Can anybody help me out???

Ed White
WA3BZT Delaware

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