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Thanks from Karl Meinzer

Greetings All!

AMSAT-NA recently received the attached note of thanks from Dr. Karl
Meinzer, DJ4ZC, AMSAT-DL President and Phase 3-D Project Leader.  Per
his instructions, I am now forwarding his note on to you, our many
AMSAT-BB subscribers around the world. 

To Karl's words of appreciation, Bill Tynan and I wish to add our own
words of thanks for the very strong outpouring of support shown to us
by our members and others in recent days.  Your comments, helpful
suggestions as well as messages of understanding and support have been
most helpful to us as we continue our search to find a safe and
affordable launch for Phase 3-D.

With such strong support within the Amateur Radio community, I'm
confident we can, and WILL make it happen!

Thanks and 73,

Keith Baker, KB1SF
Executive Vice President

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Dear Keith,

After the publication of the note about our launch situation,  I
received a little under 400 letters until now. I wonder if you could
publish on the same bulletin a note expressing my appreciation for the
support and suggestions which were mailed to me, since I find it
impossible to answer all these letters individually. All letters I
received were very encouraging, and not a single real complaint was

This really taught me to things. The amateur community, and in particular
the AMSAT community, is looking forward towards the launch of P3-D as a
real enrichment to our service and understands the difficulties in
securing a launch of a 600 kg spacecraft in a highly competitive
environment. And second, the people waiting and wanting this spacecraft
are a formidable bunch.

I take real encouragement from these letters and it once more taught 
me why I am doing all this. So I want to say thanks for all the
expressed support and all the suggestions and tell everybody that I am
proud to serve the AMSAT community.

Many 73s 

Karl, DJ4ZC    

~ Dr. Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC ~
~ President AMSAT-DLe.V.  ~
~ Mailto:dj4zc@amsat.org  ~