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Re: 220 Auction

I used to have 220 repeaters, so I followed this closely. What happened 
when this band segment went commercial, is that a lot of folks got 
licenses on speculation. That is they had no intention of using them, 
they wanted them to resell. Especially since UPS wanted a nationwide 10 
channel trunking system. Everybody planned on making big dough! But UPS 
fooled them... they backed out! I think they went satellite instead, 
like FEDEX. So there were all these people with frequencies that they 
would never use. What happened? The FCC had to let a time limit expire, 
gather'em all up, re-farm it, and re-auction. That's all that's going on 
here. If anything it could be good for ham radio. With commercial 220 
comes the availability of off the shelf antennas & duplexers, and the 
potential for future surplus!

Just my opinion,


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>Subject: 220 Auction
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>This I got off the FCC web site.  Its dated May 21, so Im guessing 
>its old news now.  Would/could this affect amateur radio in the 
>future, since it is a former part of our spectrum???
>          Report No. WT 98-14
>                                        WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS 
May 21, 1998
>                                       FOR 220-222 MHz AUCTION
>         The Commission has adopted a Memorandum Opinion and Order on 
>Reconsideration (Reconsideration Order) setting forth rules 
>for the 220-222 MHz radio service (220 MHz service) and paving the 
>way for an auction of licenses in the 220 MHz service. The 
>Reconsideration Order responds to five (5) petitions for 
>reconsideration of the Commission's 220 MHz Second Report and 
>Order, and to eleven (11) petitions for reconsideration of the        
> Commission's 220 MHz Third Report and Order. In general, the 
>Commission reaffirms the rules adopted in those orders with 
>minor changes and clarifications in response to the petitions.
>         Within five (5) business days after the release of today's 
>Reconsideration Order, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau 
>will release a Public Notice announcing key dates, procedures and 
>terms for the 220 MHz auction. Among the key dates will be 
>the FCC Form 175 filing deadline. This deadline will be no more than  
>sixty (60) days after publication of the Reconsideration Order 
>in the Federal Register.
>The 220 MHz auction is considered Phase II in the 
>Commission's licensing plan of this service. Licensees in Phase       
>I of this service band were authorized by lotteries in 1992 and 
>In the Reconsideration Order:
>The Commission grants additional flexibility to Phase I 
>licensees by permitting them to modify their              
>authorizations to the extent that the modifications do not expand 
>their existing service area.
>The Commission removes the spectrum efficiency standard 
>that applied to licensees operating on channels wider 
>than 5 kHz.
>The Commission retains criteria established in the 220 
>MHz Third Report and Order for the protection of Phase I 
>The Commission retains the current power limits on the 
>mobile frequencies in the 220 MHz band.
>Consistent with the Commission's elimination of 
>installment payment financing for future auctions, the use of         
>installment payment plans for the 220 MHz Service auction is 
>eliminated. Increased bidding credits, however, are 
>available for small and very small businesses consistent with the 
>schedule set out in the Part 1 Third Report and Order. 
>Action by the Commission May 14, 1998 by Memorandum Opinion 
>and Order on Reconsideration (FCC 98-93). Chairman Kennard, 
>Commissioners Ness, Furchtgott-Roth, Powell and Tristani with 
>Commissioner Ness issuing a separate statement.
>                                                 -FCC-
>              News Media contact: Meribeth McCarrick at 202-418-0654
>              Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Policy Division 
>              Jon Reel at 202-418-1310
>              Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Auctions Division 
>              Frank Stilwell at 202-418-0660
>Gregory S. Williams

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