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220 Auction

This I got off the FCC web site.  Its dated May 21, so Im guessing 
its old news now.  Would/could this affect amateur radio in the 
future, since it is a former part of our spectrum???


          Report No. WT 98-14
                                        WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACTION
                                                                                      May 21, 1998

                                       FOR 220-222 MHz AUCTION

         The Commission has adopted a Memorandum Opinion and Order on 
Reconsideration (Reconsideration Order) setting forth rules 
for the 220-222 MHz radio service (220 MHz service) and paving the 
way for an auction of licenses in the 220 MHz service. The 
Reconsideration Order responds to five (5) petitions for 
reconsideration of the Commission's 220 MHz Second Report and 
Order, and to eleven (11) petitions for reconsideration of the        
 Commission's 220 MHz Third Report and Order. In general, the 
Commission reaffirms the rules adopted in those orders with 
minor changes and clarifications in response to the petitions.

         Within five (5) business days after the release of today's 
Reconsideration Order, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau 
will release a Public Notice announcing key dates, procedures and 
terms for the 220 MHz auction. Among the key dates will be 
the FCC Form 175 filing deadline. This deadline will be no more than  
sixty (60) days after publication of the Reconsideration Order 
in the Federal Register.

The 220 MHz auction is considered Phase II in the 
Commission's licensing plan of this service. Licensees in Phase       
I of this service band were authorized by lotteries in 1992 and 

In the Reconsideration Order:

The Commission grants additional flexibility to Phase I 
licensees by permitting them to modify their              
authorizations to the extent that the modifications do not expand 
their existing service area.

The Commission removes the spectrum efficiency standard 
that applied to licensees operating on channels wider 
than 5 kHz.

The Commission retains criteria established in the 220 
MHz Third Report and Order for the protection of Phase I 

The Commission retains the current power limits on the 
mobile frequencies in the 220 MHz band.

Consistent with the Commission's elimination of 
installment payment financing for future auctions, the use of         
installment payment plans for the 220 MHz Service auction is 
eliminated. Increased bidding credits, however, are 
available for small and very small businesses consistent with the 
schedule set out in the Part 1 Third Report and Order. 

Action by the Commission May 14, 1998 by Memorandum Opinion 
and Order on Reconsideration (FCC 98-93). Chairman Kennard, 
Commissioners Ness, Furchtgott-Roth, Powell and Tristani with 
Commissioner Ness issuing a separate statement.


              News Media contact: Meribeth McCarrick at 202-418-0654

              Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Policy Division contact:
              Jon Reel at 202-418-1310

              Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Auctions Division contact:
              Frank Stilwell at 202-418-0660
Gregory S. Williams