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Re: 9600 PACSAT contacts count?

Hi James,

Yes, they do count!! Get yourself over to the AMSAT web page for the rules:

AMSAT gives you 3 points for each contact while ARRL only counts 2 points --
but they still count.  You are supposed to upload a greetings message to ALL
with the subject being Field Day Greetings with your class and section in
the body.  Your upload counts as a message and  you download as many other
greetings messages as possible -- they must be to ALL according to the AMSAT

Hope to see you on the birds!!  :-)

73  Tom  n0ntx

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From: James Clay French KD4DLA <kd4dla@AMSAT.org>
To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.org>
Date: Tuesday, June 23, 1998 11:57 AM
Subject: 9600 PACSAT contacts count?

>Just wondering if 9600 PACSAT message contacts count for points for the
>ARRL Field Day?
>All I am panning on doing is the 9600 birds which is what I had luck
>with last year, my first FD and first 9600 contacts on the birds (so I
>got lucky...<VBVEG>) :)
>Can anyone tell me before I go through the time of setting it up at the
>club FD site?
>James KD4DLA