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Re: FD Satellite ops

What? No Web Page? 


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On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> At the risk of getting flamed, I might point out that while you are
> waiting between passes for satellite contacts, you might use your laptop
> tracking computer with a TNC on APRS.   THis year promises to be a
> fantastic demonstration of tactical in-the-field use of APRS for
> nationwide communications. (In spite of the fact that ARRL will not count
> any of the contacts for points since no digipeaters are allowed.).
> In many areas of the country, you should be able to see and work many
> dozens or so APRS packet stations via a few digipeaters.  Without any
> apriori knowldege of the network.  In addition there are transparent
> IGATES (WOrmholes) everywhere.  Meaning you can just as easily QSO a
> station 3000 miles away as another station 50 miles away, and ALL
> TRANSPARENTLY and without apriori knowledge.
> So, if you are looking for some toys to play with between OSCARS, come
> join us on the nationwide APRS frequency of 144.39 (or 145.79 in the
> SOutheast and Southern Calif).  If you stay at home, also, dust off that
> old copy of APRS and get on the air... help us make some unofficial
> points :-)  If you join us, don't just watch your map for DX.  You will
> only see local RF stations there.  Watch the MAIL and TRAFFIC pages to see
> DX calls (most should have their gridsquare in their CQFD packets).  THen
> QSO to them...
> bob