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FD Satellite ops

At the risk of getting flamed, I might point out that while you are
waiting between passes for satellite contacts, you might use your laptop
tracking computer with a TNC on APRS.   THis year promises to be a
fantastic demonstration of tactical in-the-field use of APRS for
nationwide communications. (In spite of the fact that ARRL will not count
any of the contacts for points since no digipeaters are allowed.).

In many areas of the country, you should be able to see and work many
dozens or so APRS packet stations via a few digipeaters.  Without any
apriori knowldege of the network.  In addition there are transparent
IGATES (WOrmholes) everywhere.  Meaning you can just as easily QSO a
station 3000 miles away as another station 50 miles away, and ALL
TRANSPARENTLY and without apriori knowledge.

So, if you are looking for some toys to play with between OSCARS, come
join us on the nationwide APRS frequency of 144.39 (or 145.79 in the
SOutheast and Southern Calif).  If you stay at home, also, dust off that
old copy of APRS and get on the air... help us make some unofficial
points :-)  If you join us, don't just watch your map for DX.  You will
only see local RF stations there.  Watch the MAIL and TRAFFIC pages to see
DX calls (most should have their gridsquare in their CQFD packets).  THen
QSO to them...