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Re: Please Help - I Need Yaesu G5400B Rotor Computer Interface Box Info.

Richard Ashburn wrote:

> Subject: Please Help - I Need Yaesu G5400B Rotor Box - Computer
> Interface Box Information

Hi Richard,

            While it is true that the Kansas City Tracker/Tuner does not
enjoy tuning support, the tracking side works just fine.  If you shop
around, you can find them used rather cheep.  I almost bought one
on the web for $150, but waited.  Glad I did, cause I found one at
a hamfest for $100.00  There have been rumors of the demise of the
ISA buss since IBM started the PS2 series Micro-channel.  Last
time I looked, there were NO computers made without at least 3
ISA slots.  With so many things going PCI now, I am sure you will
have at least 1 ISA slot open for some years to come.  On the other
side, we may not even have ham radio in a few years, if the land-
mobile types have their way hi hi.

            Tuning can be accomplished using a comm port and adapter.
I prefer to not load down my parallel port, too many things using that
already!!!  But then again, who knows what the future holds?  Maybe
a tracker/tuner card with built in TNC, RF-deck, and phone modem
all in one, and IRQ free.  Hey, its my dream, and I'm sticking to it!!!

Vy73,  Mike.  KD9KC
The farthest West ham in West Texas.