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Re: Please Help - I Need Yaesu G5400B Rotor Computer Interface Box Info.

Hi Richard:

After posting a similar question to the AMSAT BB a couple of months ago I
discovered that the ridiculously priced RS-232 interface from Yaesu is not
needed with the either TrackBox, Kansas City Tracker, or FODTrack.

I already had a Kansas City Tracker with tuner but had never set it up, but
after hearing about the TrackBox I ordered one because I want to be able to
track the satellites without having to have the PC turned on.  The TrackBox
interfaces directly to the G-5400B control box.

I received my TrackBox kit a couple of weeks ago.  I was impressed with the
quality of the components, documentation and the PCB.  It is strictly 1st
class.  The kits are available from Jack Davis.  I have attached his info



>TrakBox (T_B) kits are available on a limited basis. It is the same kit
>TAPR sold but decided to discontinue. I am the person who supported the T_B
>effort for many years. The sale/support would be by me and not TAPR.
>Detailed info can be seen at the following url:
>Look for "kits" and then TrakBox.
>The kits are available for $195 postage paid to a U.S. address. DX orders
>are $225 paid in U.S. funds on a U.S. bank. These are shipped
prepaid/insured >to any DX address.
>I currently have only three on hand ready for immediate shipment. More will
>be coming in about 6 weeks. The delay is due to parts orders pending.
>My current mailing address is:
>Jack E. Davis
>25341 Orellano Way
>Laguna Hills, CA 92653