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Re: Please Help - I Need Yaesu G5400B Rotor Computer Interface Box Info.

Richard Ashburn wrote:
> The Tuner part of the KCT/T
> is only capable of talking *to* the radio, not receiving information
> back from the radio.
>  Modern radio-control programs have bi-directional
> communication so the Tuner in the KCT is handicapped.  For this reason,
> Nova for Windows doesn't support it.  Oh well - scratch that.

I don't believe this is true.  The tuner can receive data from the radio. 
Whether or not this is functional depends entirely upon whether or not the
KCT driver used has enabled this capability on the KCT and whether your
radio will send the data or not.  Some radios do.  Some other makes do
not.  You have to consult he computer interface commands for the radios to
determine the support for this.  For example my Icoms do support reading
the frequency settings, etc.  I don't believe the Yaesu 736 does.  

Additionally, your tracking program must send the proper commands to the
KCT driver to request data readout from the radio.  The hardware is fully
functional for reading from the radio when an interrupt is enabled.  There
are two serial read ports, one for port A and one for Port B.

At the present time none of the KCT drivers that have been written, support
reading from the radios.  This could change when someone takes on the job
or rewriting, or writing anew, the drivers.

73, Roy

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