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RE: Thanks for the Rotor Assistance!


I hope that solves it, your description of your problem exactly matches
what has happened to me twice before. The first time I ripped everything
apart only to find the problem did not go away. That was when I went
searching in the control box. Once I found that the output lead was not
measuring 6V I knew something was up. I was surprised that the voltage
reg. failed in such a way. Anyway a quick trip to radio shack and ten
minutes with the soldering iron fixed everything. The second time it
failed the reg. was the first thing to be checked, and again it was the
same problem. This time I was up and running in 20 minutes.

All the other suggestions offered by the board and equally valid, I just
think its better to test a regulator first before dismantling

Paul, VP9MU

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Thanks very much for your response.  What a relief to have a very good
chance not to have to rip out my rotor cable OR go on the roof with my
controller for a test.

If I understand correctly the explaination of the behaviour would be
that a voltage regulator on the edge of failure could be intermittent
under load and would not generate the correct maximum output voltage. 
It also might work through a short length of cable but not a long one
thus frustrating troubleshooting immensely.  

I have instructed Yaesu to replace the regulator in my controller and
send it back.  I will let you know how this works.  Hope to test it a
week from tomorrow.  

Sure hope this is it and thanks again.

Dean Shutt