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Re: A Mysterious G 5400 B Problem

In connection with this, the meters connect to the control box circuit
board by the meter threaded terminals protruding through the board and are
held tight with the nuts on the meters.  I have had the circuit board
"pads" under these nuts get tarnished and indicate an intermittent
condition when it was only an intermittent connection to the meter.

Loosen these nuts and retighten them.  It cured the problem here.  If you
can, you might brighten up the circuit board "pads" beneath these nuts.

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> My Yeasu G-5600B has been intermittant for years.  Seems that if I turn
> power off/on again, that then the meters usually read correctly.  I
> attributed this to intermittant contact on the pot that becomes conducting
> again on a transient.  BUT what if it was just mechanical sticking in the
> METER?  Then a power up swing of the needle from 0 would move past any
> sticky point in the needle bearing due to momentum.  Whereas with a very
> slow change, it sticks?.  Next time, instead of cycling power, I am going
> to bang on the meter...  and see if that is it..
> wb4apr

73, Roy

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