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RE: A Mysterious G 5400 B Problem

This fault has happened twice to me. In both cases it was the 7805/6
voltage regulator that failed. You can do a quick check by putting a
volt meter on the output pin. If it's not 6 or 5V (model dependant),
then simply replace the chip. I would strongly recommend anyone with
this problem to check this first, before dismantling antennas, feed
lines, or even the rotator itself.

Paul, VP9MU

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My Yeasu G-5600B has been intermittant for years.  Seems that if I turn
power off/on again, that then the meters usually read correctly.  I
attributed this to intermittant contact on the pot that becomes
again on a transient.  BUT what if it was just mechanical sticking in
METER?  Then a power up swing of the needle from 0 would move past any
sticky point in the needle bearing due to momentum.  Whereas with a very
slow change, it sticks?.  Next time, instead of cycling power, I am
to bang on the meter...  and see if that is it..