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Please Help - I Need Yaesu G5400B Rotor Computer Interface Box Info.

Subject: Please Help - I Need Yaesu G5400B Rotor Box - Computer
Interface Box Information

This is the first time I tried amsat-bb@amsat.org.  Can someone help me
with the following?  I am requesting technical information and sources
with regards to the following:
I recently purchased a Yaesu G5400B Az/El Rotor and Rotor Box. On the
G5400B Rotor Box there exists a "DIN" connector which allows for the
computer interface.
Yaesu makes the GS-232 Interface which is about $500.  Everytime I
request information on this item - I have not been able to get any
technical information.  I believe it is too costly and I am not getting
much response or cooperation on this item.
I use the NOVA for Windows Satellite Tracking Software from Northern
Lights and have already talked to Dr. Michael Owen about this item.

Dr. Owen mentioned - The Kansas City Tracker.  It is a plug-in board
with an 8-bit ISA bus interface.  Future computers will not have this
bus so I will encounter some compatibility issues in the future.  Of the
two versions, he recommends the non-tuner.  The Tuner part of the KCT/T
is only capable of talking *to* the radio, not receiving information
back from the radio.  Modern radio-control programs have bi-directional
communication so the Tuner in the KCT is handicapped.  For this reason,
Nova for Windows doesn't support it.  Oh well - scratch that.
Dr. Owen also recommended the SASI Sat Tracker.  It is an external
package that plugs into the parallel port.  THIS I LIKE!  I don't have
any information on this yet.  Does anyone know the performance with NOVA
for Windows - cost and where to pick this up at a good price?
My other questions are this:
1) Are there any articles regarding an Interface that have been
"Homebrewed" or is in "KIT form" to interface the G5400B Rotor Box to be
controlled by either the RS-232 or Parallel Computer Bus and would be
compatible with Nova for Windows Software?  Is there an article
somewhere on how to interface the G5400B Rotor Box for alot less than
2) What other Cost Effective Rotor Interface Boxes using RS-232 or
Parallel Ports are availible for the Yaesu G5400B Rotor Box?  It appears
that the SASI Sat Tracker is the only one so far - but I am sure there
are others.  Does anyone know and can they recommend some good Computer
Interfaces that are in an "Outside the Computer" configuration and cost
effective and where to buy?  I really need good advice and technical
data before I buy anything and would appreciate feedback on the various
interface boxes for the G5400B Rotor Box that are readily availible,
reliable, Cost Effective and compatible with NOVA Software for Windows.
Thank You,
Carlyle Richard Ashburn Jr.
AMSAT Member # 32127.