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Thanks for the Rotor Assistance!

The members of Amsat, what a resource.  My thanks to the over one dozen
folks who have already responded to my request for help.  The
suggestions seem to center on more carefull checks of the rotor pots and
possible failure of the rotor cable.

I think the suggestion from N4BME to take the controller up on the roof
and run the rotor through a short length of cable was particularly
clever.  It will certainly remove the current rotor cable from the
system.  One thing I did not mention is that the rotor cable spans the
distance from my house to the garage roof unsupported, a distance of
fifteen feet or so.  I had not previously considered the cable as a
potential problem however it HAS been swinging in the wind these last
four years ...

I will soon leave home on vacation.  I hope to have a moment to go up on
the roof and check the rotor early next week before I leave.  I will
post the results of this test and the ultimate solution.

Once again, thanks to all for the prompt help.


Dean Shutt AL7CR