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Field Day


The Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association and the Mountain Amateur Radio Club
will be operating a satellite station as WA0VTU during Field Day.   We will
be active on AO-10, FO-20, FO-29, RS-12/13. KO-23, KO-25 and UO-22 with
emphasis on the digital birds --  the HF CW station is way too smug.  ;-)

Our location is about 10 miles due north of Pikes Peak (DM79) and we will
QSL to all contacts who send their card.   While this is primarily a
Canada/U.S. ARRL event, we would like to encourage all satellite stations
worldwide to participate.   AMSAT-NA has a parallel program for all
satellite operators -- please see their web page for details:

Look forward to hearing you on the birds during FD!

73  Tom  n0ntx