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Re: No ham contact in 2 years!

Geez mate,

You must be doing something wrong. One of our clubmembers made 22 contacts
with QRP and an indoor loop antenna in a contest recently. RS-12 you can
work with an hf only rig with 100 W, and a multiband vertical. All you need
for packet is a 2nd or 3rd hand 8088 PC, a 2nd hand FM rig, and a baycom
style modem, total cost less than $100 US. How much cheaper do you want to

73 de Waldis - VK1WJ - http://www.effect.net.au/waldis

> From: barbarian@technologist.com
> I haven't been able to
> make ANY ham contact in a couple years, satelite, terrestial packet or
> voice. Might as well tear up my license.