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Re: Need Manual of 432 Microwave Transverter

I am getting the vague, and hopefully inaccurate view, that things are not well
in the Amateur Satallite community. It's seems as though only a few people know
what is going on, and they arn't talking. It looks to me like openness and
accurate communication is what's needed here. (Hey !!! we're about HAM radio)
Part of the joy of the birds is knowing what the controllers are doing and why
they are doing it. This is info that seems to be very invisable.

We got the internet now folks!!! When the controllers make changes they should
publish how and why they they made them. It can be short .. so it shouldn't take
much time.

Enough of my 2 cents worth.


Jean-Louis.J.L.R.RAULT@tcc.thomson.fr wrote:

> Hello Roger
> RS-15 beacon on 29.352 MHz stopped a few weeks ago.
> I tried to use the RS-15 transponder yesterday afternoon,
> but no success. The satellite seems to be very tired.
> RS-16 transponder has never been switched on.
> 73 and cu sn on UHF/VHF satellites
> Jean-Louis F6AGR
> JN18DQ
>  ----------
> (...)
> Willing to return to some satellite activity, without having to get new gear
> to my HF&VHF-dedicated station, I have tried the RS15 and RS16 without
> success (I have not tried very hard yet). (...)
> Tks es 73 de Roger, CT1ETT