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Mobile Station

I am assembling a station in my motorhome to work
the 9600 baud digital satellites mobile. The hardware
and software is as follows:

Icom 820H with CT-17 level converter.

IBM 360C Thinkpad laptop with a single serial port.

Pac Comm Tiny 2 TNC with MC-NB96, G3RUH modem.

J-pole antennas attached to the fiberglass hull of the motorhome.
Approx 10 feet of coax.

Wisp software.

As with any Ham mobile operation it seems that everything
is a compromise. There are always limitations on space,
power availability, and antennas. Yes, a rotatable array would
be nice until you got to the first overpass. So would a desktop
PC except for the limitations of batteries and solar panels.

The one thing that has eluded me is what to do about 
doppler tracking for the radio. It would be simple if there
were a KCTracker in the laptop, but that of course is not
practical. I must find a package that allows the computer
to speak directly to the radio at TTL levels or via the CT-17.

Which brings up another problem. With the computer talking
to the radio on the one available com port, I will need another
to talk to the TNC. Does anyone know of a source for a PCMCIA
serial card? This whole scenario would become mute if there
were a software package that used a hardware serial port, HSP,
like we use for APRS. 

I am looking forward to your constructive comments.

Bob, WA7HRA, Hoodsport, WA