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Need Manual of 432 Microwave Transverter

Hi, Fellows,

First of all I would like to thank everyone that has written to me about my 
precedent message, and to communicate that I will stay around.

Second, I only have worked so far the old RS12 and the now defunct RS10 
(R.I.P.), and my first spur of satellite activity has stopped just to be 
quiescent in the last years.

Willing to return to some satellite activity, without having to get new gear 
to my HF&VHF-dedicated station, I have tried the RS15 and RS16 without 
success (I have not tried very hard yet). Now I would like to use other 
satellites and, my station lacking UHF capability so far, someone has 
offered me a Microwave Modules 432 MhZ ssb transverter, apparentelly new and 
good as gold, BUT without manual... I have checked the Microwave web site 
without results.

Can anyone help me? Of course I will be more than happy in sending the money 
to all expenses of photocopy reproduction and mailing.

Tks es 73 de Roger, CT1ETT

Prof. Rogerio A. F. Gonzaga, MD, PhD
Surgical Professor at the Faculdade de Medicina do Porto - Portugal
Ex-Honorary Surgical Registrar at the Hammersmith Hospital - London, UK
Member of the Portuguese College of Surgeons

Radio Amateur CT1ETT                                    QTH Loc IN51re      
G-QRP Club # 8673	    ISWL # CT-20574		QRP-L # 516
NorCal QRP Club # 2130      ARS # 268                   REP # 840
                            FISTS # 2878
Email: gonzaga@med.up.pt         OR                  rafg@esoterica.pt